Talk about putting your cat-like reflexes to work.
Cat Play His Favorite Game: Stealing His Human's Hat Each Time He Walks By
Credit: Courtesy of kayjaypayyy / Tiktok

Some cats have all the fun: Meet Percy, a frisky 1-year-old feline who plots out the perfect hat-stealing heist from high above.

Posted Feb. 25 by TikTok user kayjaypayy, the video shows Percy hanging off a black-and-white striped wall hammock that's anchored into a living room wall. As owner Ben walks around the corner, the whiskered trickster swipes his hat. The caption reads, "Percy, is this your new thing?" (Warning: The video's music track features some NSFW language. Sound off if you're at work or near kiddos.)

From colorful beanies to basic baseball caps, Percy doesn't seem to discriminate on the type of headgear he's after. In fact, the hilarious footage shows the silly kitty on several occasions swatting anything and everything on Ben's dome. But don't feel too bad for him, it's not all the orange-and-white cat's fault!

The voiceover in this follow-up video reveals Percy is not really the antagonist here. A deeper dive shows the hat swipes have become a household game that Ben enjoys, so it's not just bad kitty behavior.

Games with your pets are so much fun, and Percy fans certainly agree! The original footage accumulated more than 2.4 million views. Many commenters questioned how Percy gets up to his vertical space on the wall. Luckily, Ben offers all the answers with this video showcasing Percy's climb and then this one showing slow-motion footage of Percy's "Ben-hunting" strategy.

At the end of the day, it's obvious that Ben and Percy's bond is fur real. The adorable duo's heartwarming connection can be seen on so many more occasions—whether it's a little vacuum-grooming or sweet snuggle sessions that will melt your heart. We just adore this pair and can't wait to see what fun games they think of next!