The people want more Peanut, of course.
cat interrupting woman's video in the making
Credit: Courtesy of angxbaby / TikTok

A cat interrupting your TikTok is really a gentle reminder that all TikToks should be cat-focused.

On Sunday, Angela Oñate (angxbaby) was trying to record a post-work TikTok when her cat, Peanut, pops right into the frame out of nowhere. He's looking up at the ceiling as Taylor Swift's voice in the background sings, "got nothing in my brain."

Interrupted, Oñate freezes, looks up to see what Peanut is looking at, and then shrugs, saying, "Your world." (Which seems to be correct.) After another shrug, she picks the video-bomber up and deposits him outside her shot.

But! Right as she resets to record her TikTok, Peanut returns, still focused on whatever may or may not be on the ceiling. Oñate can only laugh. Peanut has won.

The video has earned more than 8.6 million views so far—enough of a stir to distract Oñate from her job. 

"I've been at work all day and it's been so hard for me to focus because everyone is giving Peanut so much love, and I love reading through all the comments and it's so funny to me," she says in a Monday TikTok

But what was Peanut looking at? Oñate says she doesn't know either; he just likes to do that sometimes. There are more videos, too, because Oñate is like most of her fellow pet parents. 

"I'm such a cat parent," she said in another video. "I want everybody to see every picture I take of him at all times."  

Embrace it! The people want more Peanut.