We gotta say, Kiki makes it look pretty relaxing.
cat who loves packing peanuts sticks his face out of a box full of them
Credit: Courtesy of kikiandkilo / TikTok

Sorry, cardboard boxes. There's a new top-tier cat bed in town.

Cat owners know these cuddly little kitties often prefer to sleep in the strangest of places, and Kiki is no exception. While Kiki loves sleeping in pretty typical cat spots—countertops, desk drawers, and backpacks are all on the list—she has one special nap spot that stands out ...

A pool full of packing peanuts.

In this clip (from kikiandkilo) set to the now infamous and inescapable "It's Corn" by Tariq & The Gregory Brothers & Recess Therapy, we see this sweet lil' gray cat loving on her pool of peanuts where she lounges, plays, and gets chin scratches from her owner.

So far, the Sept. 1 video has earned more than 8.7 million views.

The jury's out on why exactly Kiki loves packing peanuts so much, but her owner has been posting videos of Kiki's packing peanut obsession since February 2021. One month and 300,000 followers after her first video post, Kiki was upgraded from a box of packing peanuts to a pink indoor pool filled with them—and it's been love ever since. It's also extremely important to note that her packing peanuts are pink because Kiki is a glam kitty queen who deserves no less than a rainbow of color in her life.

While we don't know what it is about packing peanuts that attracts some kitties, we do know that they can be dangerous if ingested. Cats should not eat packing peanuts as they may cause life-threatening intestinal obstructions. Fortunately, Kiki seems to understand that her peanuts are not edible!

These days, Kiki has nearly 1.8 million followers keeping up with her packing peanut obsession, with more than 1.5 million likes on the "It's Corn" masterpiece. We might have contributed to that number, but who can resist her perfect little face?

We'll see you at 2 million followers, Kiki!