That sure is a nice bath mat ... would be a shame if something happened to it.

Our pets want to be with us at all times—and why wouldn't they? We're great! (And, yes, that includes when we need to go to the bathroom.) They're willing to join us in the room where truly gross things happen. Talk about unconditional love. 

The latest example comes from a TikTok user named Maddie and her tuxedo cat, Theo. Her video is a short 10 seconds, but even the brief glimpse of Theo's leg and paw shows he still needs as much attention as he can get. 

A shot of the bottom of the bathroom door shows Maddie's foot drag the bath mat toward her. Then a furry black leg with a white foot emerges, snagging the mat and dragging it almost completely out of the bathroom underneath the door. Sneaky and petty? Love it. 

Some 2.8 million people have watched Theo exact his revenge for not getting invited into the bathroom, showing, again, that cats can basically melt and wriggle themselves under just about anything. 

cat pulling rug from under the door when he's not happy with owner for going into the bathroom without him
Credit: Courtesy of m_clayclay / TikTok

Her next video might be even funnier. Still in the bathroom, Maddie slides her upturned phone under the door while it's recording video. Down stares blue-eyed Theo, still wondering why the heck he hasn't been invited into the bathroom. 

Have a cat who likes following you into the bathroom? Maybe invest in some distraction: interactive toys that can provide both physical and mental exercise. Or you can resign yourself to years of stolen bath mats that at least make for some funny videos.