The story unfolds in three videos, which have been viewed on TikTok more than 5 million times.
cat sitting outside between grass and pavement
Credit: Courtesy of atargatisfairy / TikTok

Who needs cell phones when you have note-carrying cats?

The escapades of one such neighborly cat have spawned a series of TikTok videos that have gained more than 5 million views as people follow the tale of this mystery kitty and his neighbors.

In the initial video, we learn that the visiting feline spent so much time at his neighbor's house that the neighbor decided to send him home with a note carefully attached to his collar—with staples and a ponytail holder, of course. Posted on TikTok by Jaz, aka atargatisfairy, the video explains, "This boii has been visiting our house for the past few months. Decided we need to know who his people are."

After meeting the handsome tan-and-black striped cat in the video, we see the note. "Hey mum, being a responsible son, I'm letting you know where I spend some of my days and who my friends are," the note reads. "I visit [address censored] every day ... started calling me Boi because they don't understand my meows when I tell them my real name."

The back of the note lets the cat's owners know he spends his time away hanging out with Jaz's other cats and that the owners are welcome to come by and say hi if they'd like. Jaz sent the note off, hoped it would stay attached to the cat's collar, and waited for a response.

In part two of the saga, the cat returns without a note attached to his little turquoise collar. Jaz wasn't sure there would be a response. "The note might have come off his collar before he got home, they could have responded and the note came off before he got back here, or they might just not have wanted to respond, which is okay," she reasons in the video.

Though it initially looked like there was no response when the friendly cat arrived sans correspondence, Jaz found a handwritten reply waiting in her mailbox. And it started to solve some of the mysteries around this furry visitor.

"Hi," the note begins, "I'm sorry my family hasn't been down to see you yet, my owners are little hoomans and are always getting into mischief. They would like you to know my name is Rex (as in T-rex). You can probably hear my mom calling me every night. I live at [address censored] just up the road."

In part three we see Jaz's door opening to reveal the cat we now know as Rex, who has a whole lot to say. "Oh, hello, Rex-y" the human voice coos. And Rex replies with many meows, perhaps saying, "Can your cats come out and play?" or maybe "I'm here!" We get a peek a Rex interacting with Jaz. And Jaz shows Rex pouting when she doesn't invite him into the house that day because she didn't have time to supervise. Clearly this is a cat who feels very comfortable being himself at his home-away-from-home.

With Jaz and family moving soon (as she mentions in part one), we don't know how many more episodes of the saga there will be, but we're keeping our eyes peeled for more adventures!