Kitten-induced baby fever might just be the best kind.

Babies and kittens: the recipe to melt anyone's heart.

In a video posted by TikTok user @pearlsragdolls, an adorable cat introduces her own kitten to her owner's human baby, Blossom. The video, which was posted July 11, has gained over 74 million views on TikTok in just over a week. 

In the video, Summer, a 2-year-old ragdoll, carries her 6-week-old kitten to the edge of a floral playmat where Blossom looks to be practicing some tummy time. 

Summer's owner, Pearl Frazier, then asks the feline: "Why are you bringing your babies to Blossom?" To this, Summer responds with a series of sweet meows—which Frazier interprets for us in the caption.

"Because. I want to show her. My baby! Because. He's cute," Summer "says" to Frazier.

As the momma cat holds down her tiny kitten from leaving, the conversation between Summer and Frazier continues.

"You want them down here?" Frazier asks.

"Yes. They can play," Summer meows back.

Frazier ultimately shuts down the playdate, ending the TikTok saying "I don't know about that one, Summer."

cute ragdoll kitten lying on fluffy gray rug
Credit: Joseph Song / Getty

According to Newsweek, Summer and her kittens currently live at Pearl's Ragdolls, Frazier's cageless cat kennel in Fort Worth, Texas. Summer gave birth to a litter of five kittens in May, just a week before Blossom was born.

"When Summer and my other cats first met Blossom, they were a little nervous around her and also confused. After a few days, they went back to their usual selves," Frazier told Newsweek.

The viral video has all of our hearts in shambles. Over 75,000 comments have expressed their love for the video and even share their suspicions behind Summer's motherly actions.

"She's like, 'since ur at it, mind watching mine for a few?'" TikTok user pacificmile commented.

Another fan, rainbowearth7, wrote: "Summer said 'This is the daycare correct? I have a few things to do this afternoon.'"

We're not sure if Summer needed a break from her kittens or if she just wanted the two babies to be friends. But we can argue that this tops the charts as one of the cutest cat videos we've seen. In fact, we may just have to waste the rest of our day scrolling through Frazier's kitten-filled TikTok page.