The level of honesty in this video is one that only a cat could deliver.

Adding a canine companion to your family is a big decision. Before taking the pupper plunge, there's a lot to consider—like the cost of food and vet bills or the time it takes to train and socialize a new pup. And what about your living situation: Is it suitable for a dog? Will you have time to give him or her plenty of attention?

It's clear that the decision-making process can be daunting, albeit important. But if you were ever tempted to throw caution to the wind, this viral TikTok video showing a pet parent's creative (and way more fun) methodology in deciding whether or not to "get a dog" might speak to your inner crazy pet parent.

black cat sitting indoors
Credit: Ralchev Design / Getty

Posted on November 14 by @alexismlem, the footage shows pet parent Ali trying to land a large skewer stick into an orange coffee mug. With each gentle toss she says, "Should I get a dog?" The stakes are high in this "He loves me; he loves me not" setup.

During Ali's first few attempts, her cute and fluffy black cat named Paris makes a cameo appearance, checking out the fun. Ali sternly says, "Paris," trying to shoo the curious cat from knocking over her mug. Paris listens, retreating off screen. Back to the game, Ali tosses another skewer and asks, "Should I get a dog…"

And, it's what happens after this last lob (that successfully lands into the mug) that left us speechless. Sinking the stick, Ali throws her hand into the air—victory! Time to head to the animal shelter and bring home her new canine companion! Except, before Ali can celebrate the fact that the universe clearly is telling her to get a dog, Paris reappears in the frame and quickly (and intentionally, we might add) removes the "dog" stick from the mug. Ali can hardly believe what she sees—giving off a look of shock, followed by laughter.

If Paris could speak human, it's pretty clear she'd be saying, "Nope, Mom. Don't even think about getting a dog. We're good here." We're in love with this decisive cat who's not up for sharing the spotlight. The trending video has notched a whopping 7.2 million views and 2 million likes (not surprising) and, according to Ali's comments back to fans, Paris will—despite her protests—in fact be getting a puppy dog sibling. Sorry, not sorry, Paris!

We can't wait to see how it all ends up for Paris and her new canine sibling. Fingers crossed that the kitty changes her tune and welcomes a new pooch to the pad with ease, but only time will tell. For now, we'll be sending this TikTok gem to everyone we know who ever felt that relatable twinge of jealousy after their little brother or sister's arrival. You know who you are!