Sunsets and fresh air are the end-of-life therapy this dog dad is delivering. And it has us hitting "play" on the TikTok video again and again.
Myles and Lorenzo at sunset
Credit: Courtesy of Lorenzo Buffa

Whether we like it or not, life catches up to us—and even our most loyal and snuggly companions are up against the clock. For our canine friends, the aging process happens faster than it does for people, earning them the title of "senior" at only age 7. When the time comes, we pet parents are called—too soon, it seems—to provide what the ASPCA recommends for our pets' final weeks: calm guidance, dignity, and the gift of minimizing any discomfort or distress.

Understandably, riding shotgun next to our pets through their advancing years is tough. Many of us pet parents wonder what else we can do to minimize stress. Well, one doggy dad decided to make a big life change for his beloved four-legged-friend. His answer to improved doggy health: moving to the country. Meet Lorenzo Buffa and his senior dog named Myles, a lab-pit mix from Philadelphia, and proud new owners of "Camp Myles."

Buffa, a.k.a. cabinqueer on TikTok, recently shared a video of sweet Myles and the story of why they moved from "the city" to a cabin in the woods. In the video, Buffa pans to images of the rural home and says he made the leap of faith for his 14-year-old dog.

He tells followers that Myles' recent diagnosis with heart failure put things in perspective. "Myles spent the last fourteen years living with me in the city but I always felt like he deserved better—and always promised my little guy that I would retire him in the woods," Buffa says in the video. Judging by the montage of walks, treats, snuggles, and beautiful scenery, Myles is living high on the hog—or dog in this case!

Followers can't get enough of the "retirement" sanctuary and adorable Myles. The trending video has earned over 400,000 views on TikTok and more than 6,500 supportive comments. "I love Myles. Bless his sweet doggy soul," one commenter posted. "You're amazing for loving and giving him an incredible life." Other comments include personal stories of aging fur babies and advice about how to ease senior pet struggles. Myles is clearly surrounded by a pet-loving community.

When asked what a typical day looks like for the sweet pupper, Buffa tells Daily Paws that the duo continues to take little adventures—going on hikes "up the hill to see the sunset," or "swim in the lake." Once eager to retrieve a ball or toy from the water, now Myles needs a bit more encouragement to take a dip. "He mostly sleeps now and watches his cat siblings play," Buffa says.

Taking one day at a time, Buffa and Myles seem to enjoy the slower pace of life in the country. And it's obvious that these two have an unbreakable bond. "He's been there for me over all these years, so I will be here for him until the end," Buffa says in the video.

Paws up to Buffa for giving his adorable doggo the love and care he deserves in his elderly years. We're so glad these two have each other!