Think your dog has what it takes? There's a $20,000 prize at stake.

Our dogs love tasting stuff from burgers out of our very mouths to Thanksgiving turkeys. So why not put your dog's overactive taste buds to work—and collect a $20,000 prize while you're at it? 

Busch Beer is looking to expand upon last year's creation of its non-alcoholic Dog Brew. To do that, the beer giant is hiring a chief tasting officer (CTO) job, a newly created position that can only be filled by a canine. The eventual winner will taste new Dog Brew offerings and serve as an ambassador for Busch on social media, the company said in a news release Tuesday.  

"The reaction to Busch Dog Brew's release last year was so overwhelmingly positive that we knew we had a big challenge in year two to keep the momentum going. So to expand the brand this year, we needed a true expert in the space on our team," Daniel Blake, vice president of value brands at Anheuser-Busch, said in a statement.

The winner will receive a $20,000 prize—I mean salary—as well as 10 four-packs of Dog Brew and an $800 gift card that can be used to purchase the dog's health insurance (benefits!). As you fetch (lol) your dog's resume, here's what attributes Busch is looking for: 

  • “Refined palette” 
  • Excellent sense of smell
  • Not a requirement, but “proficiency in English” is recommended 

If Busch is interested, we here at Daily Paws have already conducted a pre-interview process with four dogs and one moron. (Looks like Daisy might be your winner, Busch.) 

How to Enter Your Dog in the Beer Tasting Contest

So you think your dog has what it takes, huh? Enter your pooch in the running for what's clearly the best job ever by posting a photo of your dog on social media—Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter—with the hashtag #BuschCTOContest. Make sure you follow Busch on the platform where you're posting, and include in your post why your dog would make a great CTO. (Don't forget to make sure your account is set to public!)

Busch says an independent panel of judges will determine the winner based on originality, creativity, and "relevance to the contest." 

To enter, interested agents—dog parents, sorry—can post their dogs' photos until 11:59 p.m. on April 28.