Don’t hate him because he’s beautiful.
Brussels Griffon dog dressed up like John Travolta in Grease
Credit: Courtesy of griffy.girl / TikTok

If there's one thing the internet definitely loves, it's when things look like other things. "Facial pareidolia" is the term for the tendency for people to see faces in everyday objects. Not everybody sees those the same way, but then sometimes you see a dog who looks like Will Farrell, and everyone just nods in agreement because of course she does.

But then there's Proshka. Proshka is not like other pets, because this little Brussels griffon is a master of disguise. Proshka's mom, Stefani Doherty of Sheffield, England, takes photos of the 2-year-old Brussels that truly showcase the doggo's multiple looks. The most famous of which show Proshka's uncanny resemblance to the mogwai Gizmo from the Gremlins franchise.

But Proshka does not stop at just one celebrity look alike. Proshka is versatile. Proshka can look like Chewbacca. Proshka can look like Oscar the Grouch. And while this TikTok video is clearly setting Proshka up to imitate John Travolta from Grease, I have to say that Doherty missed the boat on this one, because that's pretty clearly Scott "Teen Wolf" Howard.

Proshka's movie-star good looks have gained him fame across the globe as images of him spread across the internet and, in turn, Doherty has seen her Instagram following grow to over 16,000 followers.

"Thank you for the love everyone," Doherty said in a comment on Proshka's most recent photo. "We appreciate it."

Thank YOU, Stefani. We appreciate you, and we definitely appreciate your scene stealing little pupper.