What's he supposed to do, leave it behind? No way.
golden trying to get a long stick into the car
Credit: @kelpysnothome / TikTok

Dogs are plenty smart, but their problem-solving genius intensifies when it comes to what's most important: sticks. 

Not wanting to leave behind the long, glorious branch he found, Maverick—a golden retriever and Great Pyrenees mix—has to figure out how he's gonna take it into the backseat with him. 

What's he supposed to do, leave it? No way. His owner, kelpysnothome on TikTok, captures what happens next in a lovely dog video posted to the app. 

"Yeah, figure that out," she says after opening the car door.  

He does! But it does take him a bit of trial and error. The stick is probably around 4 feet long, and Maverick first tries to carry it in with the branch perpendicular to his body. No dice, it catches on either side of the door and he drops it. 

But that's not giving up. He then picks up the stick closer to its end and tilts his head, making the stick nearly parallel to his body. Into the car they both go. Nicely done. 

The video has earned more than 544,800 views, though we don't get to see what Maverick does with the branch once he gets home. Hopefully, he's equally as smart about taking it indoors.