Might as well grab the box of tissues right now!
dog sitting with family
Credit: Courtesy of Melanie Kavaluskis

Dads are awesome, especially those who give their children the puppies they've always wanted. And Joe Kavaluskis is definitely in this great dad category. As the Animal Rescue Site (ARS) reported in January 2020, Kavaluskis' son, Logan, received a terrific 13th birthday surprise of a squirming, cuddly bundle of Boston terrier

As we see in the video below, when Logan's cousin Jon puts the puppy in Logan's arms, he tells Logan, "It's from your dad. That's your dog." Logan had always hoped for a dog of his own, so it's only natural that he'd be overwhelmed with joy.

But we told you there's a twist, right?

According to the ARS, dad Joe had an animal allergy, so the Kavaluskis family could never have a pet. But he arranged with his wife, Melanie, for Logan to receive this special gift after a certain moment.

You see, just five days before Logan's birthday, Joe passed away at age 47 after a long battle with multiple myeloma cancer. Making sure his youngest son could have something that meant so much to him was one of Joe's last endearing acts. So now you understand why Logan is completely choked up, the puppy is licking him, and we're ugly-crying with all the other people on the interwebs. 

The ARS stated that "The family surprised the young boy by telling him they were driving north from their home in Hudsonville, Michigan, to collect a puppy, but they didn't say for who it was." They stopped at a gas station and told Logan they wanted to take a picture of him with the puppy. A bit of a teaser, sure, but all part of the big reveal! 

Logan named the adorable pup Indy, and their bond developed immediately. Now more than a year later, it's evident in the photo above of Logan, his brother, Ryan, and Indy that the pooch is a beloved member of the Kavaluskis family—and a true testament to how an awesome dad's love lives on.