Meet Star, a Border Collie Mix Who Was Born to Run!

Whether it's 5 miles or 100, Star is always by Caitlin's side.

Caitlin's been running ultramarathons for the past 6 years, after falling in love with her first marathon the year before. And after dog-sitting for a border collie, Caitlin knew she loved their energy and companionship. So one Thanksgiving, she drove north to meet Star, and it was best friendship at first sight.

Star, the border collie and blue heeler mix, was quite literally born to run, even joining Caitlin on a 5-mile road run the day she came home. And when Caitlin signed up for a 100-mile race that allowed dogs, Star was at her side for support!

When Star and Caitlin aren't hitting the ground running, they're adventuring and hiking—the more snow, the better. Whether Caitlin needs to relax or take her energy out on a run, Star is always there by her side. These two make a great team, and we can't wait to see where their adventures take them next!

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