Name a more iconic duo than a puppy and a baby, we’ll wait.

Puppies and babies are among the most aww-inducing things in this world. But put them together? Well, you're in for a cuteness overload. Just ask Dayna Renee Sauble, a TikToker and actress who posted a viral video of her dog meeting her newborn daughter for the first time. 

The video, first posted on Aug. 27, starts with a shot of Symphony, Sauble's very sweet border collie, who shows off major puppy dog eyes as she sniffs a baby blanket in Sauble's hands. Symphony wags her tail as she sniffs away, glancing around the nursery as she learns the new baby's scent, looking both excited and inquisitive. 

border collie who meets newborn baby
Credit: Rachelle007 / Getty

You can almost see the gears turning in her doggie brain while Sauble gently says the new baby's name and praises the pup while she explores. Already, the video has over 5.8 million views, and it's easy to see why the sweet moment resonates with dog lovers all over the world.

"Good girl, that's Parker," Sauble tells Symphony. "Are you ready to meet your sister?"

Symphony proceeds to sniff Sauble's lap, where we're guessing the baby has been, as well as the crook of her arms. She even licks Sauble's dress over her stomach as if saying "I'm ready, Mom! Bring on the baby." 

That's when Sauble invites her partner to bring their daughter in. Tiny and pink, the precious new babe is snug in her carrier, and Symphony can barely contain her excitement when she spots the baby. The pooch perks up her ears, wags her tail, and circles the car seat as dad shows Symphony the bundle of joy inside. By the looks of it, this dog-baby relationship is off to a great start.

Sauble is overjoyed at how the encounter plays out. She's especially touched when dad says Parker's name and Symphony looks right at the baby, a sign of recognition. "She's got it!" Sauble exclaims before showering Symphony with praise, positively reinforcing her gentle behavior. 

Sauble responded to comments from fans, who seemed just as excited as the family themselves about this sweet meet-cute. "Symphony is my baby girl [and] this greeting was so important to me," Sauble wrote, explaining that the couple researched how to introduce a dog to a baby beforehand, and spoke with others who'd successfully done the same.

Anyone planning to introduce a pup to an infant (or any child, for that matter) should also do thorough research beforehand to ensure the encounter goes smoothly for everyone. That includes talking with a veterinarian or animal behavior expert who can help prepare you (and your pet!) for a positive experience. Experts recommend first exposing your dog to your baby's scent. That way, the dog makes a positive association with their smell before meeting the child face-to-face.

Whether you have a new infant or not, we can all appreciate this adorable new friendship that's sure to bloom between sweet Symphony and little Parker.