Thanks to Billy, the neighbors have sent stories and even recipes back and forth.

Black and white cat stares at camera in portrait
Credit: Courtesy of Zach King

We need more mail deliverers to be obsessed with (the UPS Dogs social media accounts already captured our hearts), so we're thankful this London cat entered the profession in  2020. Billy, a black-and-white cat who was the last of his litter to be adopted in 2019, recently started carrying notes between his owners and their neighbors.

Billy's human dad, Zach King, posted the entire story in a Twitter thread—complete with tons of adorable photos. According to King, his girlfriend noticed something on Billy's collar a few months ago. Someone had attached a note folded in plastic wrap to Billy's collar using a wire tie.

The note, signed "from your friendly neighbors," explained that Billy often stops by a nearby door during his outdoor adventures. Billy had previously lost his ID tag, but the neighbors already knew and were calling him by his name. Although the neighbors loved their new feline friend, they were unsure of where Billy was coming from. They wrote the short note and attached it to Billy's collar in an attempt to learn more. 

King and his girlfriend were happy to hear that Billy was making new friends. They scribbled a quick response and attached it to Billy's collar. "From this point on my girlfriend and an unknown neighbor became penpals, all through an oblivious feline postcat," King wrote on Twitter.  

The neighbors have since exchanged stories of life during the pandemic and even recipe, Netflix show, and podcast recommendations.

Over time Billy received some postcat-worthy upgrades. After the neighbors received a small heart case (and won a free cake) at a local bakery, they transformed it into a "proper mailbag" to attach to Billy's collar. Unfortunately, Billy lost the mailbag, resulting in an intense purrformance review. Thankfully he bounced right back and had a delivery for them the very next morning.

King's girlfriend also bought colorful pens specifically for their mail exchanges. They learned that their neighbors are Canadian, while they are Russian and English. They even found a way to share a link to kitten photos of Billy.

Billy now has a steady job and two loving homes where he can get lots of chin scratches!