This pregnant kitty is definitely classy, bougie, and sassy.
pregnant cat maternity photoshoot inspired by beyonce with yellow fabric and faux flowers
Credit: Courtesy of Creepy_sock_puppet / Reddit

A hilarious photo from a Beyoncé-inspired cat maternity shoot has gone viral on Reddit, and we have to say: The results are flawless.

The image, shared by Reddit user Creepy_sock_puppet, showcases the pregnant feline in all her fierce glory. In the photo, the soon to be mother is seen spread across a bench embellished with faux flowers, gold fabric, and a velvety pillow. And, just like Queen Bey, she also wears a pink tulle draped across her lower body.

The original post, which is captioned "My sister did a maternity shoot with her pregnant cat. LMFAO," also includes a reference photo from Beyoncé's 2017 photoshoot when she was pregnant with her twins, Sir and Rumi. At the time, the viral pregnancy announcement was parodied countless times by other celebrities, fans, and even some four-legged friends.

The Reddit user who created the original post tells Newsweek that their sister loves Beyoncé, so when her cat became pregnant, she had to take the opportunity to recreate the iconic maternity shoot.

"I think it's so funny and I love that my sister found a fun creative outlet," they told Newsweek.

While it's not clear how far along Cat Meow—yes, that's the pregnant kitty's nameis in her pregnancy, we're seriously hoping to see another Bey-inspired photoshoot once the kittens arrive.

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