It's been a great year ... for pet videos at least!

TikTok has introduced us to all kinds of trends, dances, and recipes—and, yes, a fair helping of misinformation—but we're most grateful for the constant stream of pet videos the app provides.

We've spend the last 11 months writing about our favorite ones, from the sweet interspecies bonds to hilarious hijinx. It's cats, dogs, and even a little bunny friend. We've got a plane full of teensy puppies and a cat who can't stop touching things. What more could you want?

one of the best TikToks of 2021 is this one with the dog waiting in the driveway for the owner to come home
Credit: Courtesy of alexcooperfrankford / TikTok

Here are our 13 favorite pet TikToks for 2021:

That's a Seriously Loyal Dog

This is maybe the sweetest TikTok of the year, featuring Sadie, the rescue pup who waits outside her house each day for hours until her dad comes back home. He's the one who saw her at a mining site and decided to bring her home to his family.

"She hit the jackpot, I guess, when she smiled at him," Sadie's mom Sara Fitzwater told Daily Paws.

What Can't This Cat Catch?

The videos of this cat using one paw to catch basically anything—a potted plant? Come on!—prompted several NFL teams to wonder about his availability. Plus, he does it all so nonchalantly, making it look way easier than it is.

The Most Helpful Service Dog Ever?

Not only does Lily the service dog help her owner navigate her life, she also helps out her deaf Labrador sister, Kinley, letting her know when it's time for a walk. What an amazing little helper who proves dogs are the best.

Bea Hilariously Won't Stop Touching Things

Introducing the most curious cat around: Bea. Whether it's a computer screen, sandwich, or another animal, she's going to reach out a paw to see what they're all about. Good for her, living her best life.

Thoroughly Misbehaving Millie

Dogs at home alone sometimes have the rare opportunity to do what's usually off limits. For Millie the goldendoodle, that means jumping onto the kitchen table. If only there wasn't a camera there to capture the malfeasance.

Of course, Millie's mom urging her to get down doesn't really make much of a difference.

A New Spin on Bunny Hops

This young cat must've spent plenty of time learning at the feet of his rabbit brother. That's the only explanation for how the kitten adorably hops around his home. It must be the social learning theory.

High Fences Are No Match for This Jumping Dog

Lexi can't see above her high, wooden privacy fence, but that's OK! She'll just jump and climb on top of it to look over her domain. There's nothing to it, really. (Reader, there is a lot to jumping that high.)

Future Squid Game Champ

This kitten is ridiculously good at his owner's version of "Red Light, Green Light." He doesn't move a muscle each time she turns around—even has he makes progress up the stairs. How!?

Thankfully, this version of the game is much, much friendlier than the one in Squid Game.

The Wiggliest Butt in the World

We're not sure we've ever seen someone as excited as this boxer gets when her people get home. Without much of a tail to wag, Zoey Ann has resolved to simply wag her entire caboose. Someone find this good girl a dance floor.

Get a Dog? Yeah Right

This cat was not about to let the Throw a Pen Into a Cup game—I'm sure that's what it's called—saddle her with an unwanted canine sibling. So while her mom is celebrating a new dog, she simply removes the stick from the mug. Doesn't count!

Neighbor Joe Freakin' Rules

These two dogs and neighbor Joe aren't going to let a measly chainlink fence keep them from being best friends. Watching the montage of his and the dogs' special bond is enough to de-Grinch even the smallest of hearts.

Best Buds Come in All Different Sizes

This giant, 130-pound cane corso was the best, most gentle foster brother to a kitten that was a fraction of his size. It's sad that they couldn't live together forever, but the kitten still lives nearby so we're looking forward to seeing even more of them.

The Sweetest Father-Son Moment

It doesn't get much better than this golden retriever meeting his son. So let's just end this list with some happy tears.