Pet TikTok is frankly the only part of TikTok we're interested in.
golden greets girlfriend from tiktok
Credit: Courtesy of bleuu_bear / TikTok

We've made our list and checked it twice—after months of training the TikTok algorithm to show us only the highest quality pet TikToks, we've cumulated a list of 2022's very best. Buckle up: From dancing corgis to zooming emus, this list is a wild, fun ride.

The Interrupting Cat Who Knows What We Really Want

When TikTok user Angela Oñate hopped on TikTok to record a post-work video, her handsome cat Peanut stole the show by jumping into view and staring off into space. Looking momentarily stunned, Oñate glances in the direction Peanut is staring before shuffling him off camera—only for him to jump back into the same spot moments later, taking up most of the camera's view and staring at the ceiling as Taylor Swift sings "nothing in my brain" in the background.

The jury's still out on exactly what caught Peanut's eye, but he seems to know one thing: We're here to see him.

This Golden Retriever Has The Smoothest Dance Moves

This gorgeous golden retriever knows how to get her groove on. Nala, 4, and her human, Chris Lindamood, took TikTok by storm when Lindamood posted a video of Nala doing her "Nala Stomps" in various scenic locations, from grassy hills to snow-covered woods. Accompanied by Lindamood singing her very own Nala stomps song, Nala dives between her owner's legs and gets her legs and wiggly butt moving—we just wish we looked at cute as her when we try to bust a move.

Archer the Husky Has No Intention of Leaving the Dog Park

In classic Siberian husky fashion, Archer keeps his owner guessing when—after two whole hours at the dog park—he blissfully decides he isn't ready to go home no matter how much is owner pleads.

"This is classic Archer—he knew exactly what I wanted from him, he just didn't care," Archer's owner says in the TikTok. Mercifully, Archer's husky sister Leia went quietly, but it took a bribe or two to finally get Archer in the car.

This Adorable Dog Couple Can't Wait For Their Morning Kisses

In a TikTok that's giving major "Lady and the Tramp sharing the spaghetti noodle" vibes, Bleu the golden retriever and his girlfriend race to their shared fence and promptly jump up to deliver some "nice to see you" kisses. Reactions on the TikTok, which has been viewed more than 8.1 million times, range from outright adoration to some slight jealousy over this obviously secure and affectionate power couple.

This Sweet Little Staffy Is the Neighborhood Greeting Committee

Easily breaking the stereotypes that stick to Staffordshire bull terriers and other bully breeds, sweet Tubs stands on her back legs, pops her head over the fence, and patiently waits for passersby to give her some pats—all while wagging her tail a million miles per minute, of course. Her owners even put up a sign that reads, "Tubs is friendly, she would love a gentle pat" for anyone who might have been on the fence about giving her a little love.

Blue The Emu and His BFF Ava

Friends come in all shapes and sizes, and Blue the emu and Ava the Rottweiler are the perfect example. In a hilarious TikTok set to the now-iconic "It's Corn" song, Ava and Blue do what they do best—zoom around the yard and chase after each other like besties do.

This Corgi Loves Dancing With Snoopy

Wrigley the Pembroke Welsh corgi knows exactly how to get into the holiday spirit—by dancing along with Snoopy, of course. This fluffy little boi excitedly bounces around with the Halloween- and Christmas-themed Snoopy toys his owners put out, and the resulting TikTok of bouncing fluff is almost too cute to handle.

A Tear-jerking Reunion With a Long Lost Dog

After two and a half years without any sign of her stolen dog, Hannibal, Mariah Cummings didn't think she'd ever see her beloved pet again. After visiting almost every animal shelter in Michigan—and going through a move to Tennessee—someone finally spotted sweet Hannibal at an animal shelter back near Cummings's hometown. The resulting reunion is so worth the watch but make sure to have your tissues ready.

Service Dog Uses His Skills To Bust Into the Bathroom

Most dog owners are familiar with our pups' frequent dismissal of personal space. But in adorable Diesel's case, there's nothing that can keep him away from his owner—especially because he's a service dog who can open doors. This hilarious video shows him busting into the bathroom to be with his human. But hey, at least he closed the door behind him.

This Berner Refuses To Leave Her Snowy Haven

Ivy the Bernese mountain dog's owner wants her to come inside after six hours in the snow. Apparently that's a ridiculous request, as Ivy—even after having her dinner brought to her outside—just stares at her dad as he tries to coax her inside for bedtime, even trying to coax him outside instead of agreeing to go back into the house. Did Ivy's owner ever get her to come back inside? Your guess is as good as ours.