Daisy and Lola might look very different from each other, but their spunk and energy makes them the perfect match.

When Heidi brought home the newest addition to her fur family, an adorable German shepherd puppy named Daisy, she wondered how her tiny Chihuahua would react. Would Lola get along with the younger, larger pup? Would the two of these very different dogs play together? With a 16-time size difference, it was certainly something to consider!

But as the two settled into a routine, her worries were quickly put to rest. "The first time I realized they were going to be best friends, they were sitting behind me on a pillow. And they were having a full-on conversation." From that point on, their friendship blossomed. Not only did the pups talk to each other, they chased each other around the house, playing together and snuggling up for snoozes (and photo ops, as pictured on their Instagram account).

Nowadays, the two dogs are living their best lives. Their yard has become a spot for friends to visit and for frequent snack breaks, along with lots of playtime in between. Sounds like a heavenly oasis for this adorable odd couple!