To be fair, he does make it look like so much fun.
dog jumped in bush
Credit: Courtesy of thebernerbunch / TikTok

Every time I watch this hilarious Bernese mountain dog, I can't help but smile and then think of those giant ball pits. You know, the ones designed for kids to merrily fall, flap, and flail around in while surrounded by hundreds of brightly colored balls?

Except, instead of a big ball pit it's a bush that brings pure joy to this goofy 10-month-old rescue dog.

Reintroducing Weller: part dog, part "living topiary," as one of his fans so fittingly described him. (And if you didn't meet him the first time around, now's your chance.)

Posted on Feb. 24 by TikTok user thebernerbunch, the bounding Bernese is seen suspended in a very dense bush in his backyard. Weller is "obsessed with bushes."

The next clip shows Weller's tricolored head hilariously popping out of a hedge gopher-style followed by a montage of scenes showcasing his full technique: a standing leap from a deck stair slightly above the bush, then his less-than-graceful landing into the greenery below!

At times the blissful Berner gets stuck because the bush doesn't really give in to his body weight. Yet, that doesn't stop this silly boy. He happily jumps again and again!

And after each dive, Weller clumsily tries to find footing and several times he successfully wiggles his furry body down to the ground or decides it's just way too much effort and takes a break, remaining in the position he landed in.

Oh Weller, you're such a lovable boy! His doggo smile and goofball nature is truly infectious. Followers agree—leaving clever comments like: "Is elevated bouncy grass. Must pounce" and "If not bed, why bed shaped?"

Judging by the 3 million views, it's safe to say that the plant's fate was totally worth all the fun! Just imagine this bounding Berner on a trampoline.