For all we know, Ivy still hasn't come inside.
Bernese Mountain dog stands outside on deck in the snow and won't go inside
Credit: Courtesy of ivytheberner / TikTok

Ivy the Bernese mountain dog has decided to make the most of it. 

Berners very famously love snow, and Ivy epitomizes that affection in a TikTok posted to her account (ivytheberner) earlier this week. It's snowing in Massachusetts and her owner wants her to come inside after six hours. 

That, as it happens, is an unreasonable request. Ivy had her owner bring her dinner out there, so she's not going to return to the too-warm house just because it's bedtime. When he opens the door and tries to coax her in, she just stares at him. It's midnight.

She eventually drops into a playful stance several times and offers a few teensy barks, but by the end of the 42-second video, she's still happily outside. 

That TikTok has earned more than 14.1 million views so far, but we soon received an update. Another TikTok posted Tuesday showed Ivy batting at the storm door, seemingly ready to finally come inside after midnight. 

Nope. Just wanted to get her owner out to play. She had no intention of going inside, and she accidentally head-butts her owner right in the business while trying to get him to engage. Whoops.

Legend has it she's still out there covered in cool, wonderful snow. Remember, dogs who aren't Berners, Alaskan malamutes, or similar can't last too long in the cold temperatures or snow. Ivy can have a great time out there, but make sure your dog is only out for a limited time this winter.