At least she’s having fun.
a Bernese mountain dog lays in a mud puddle with a muddy face
Credit: @ivytheberner / TikTok

It seems dogs might just know how to make the biggest mess possible—and for some reason, these filthy activities are the most fun things in the entire world for them.  

A viral TikTok video proves it. Ivy the Bernese mountain dog is on a rainy hike with her dad when she decides it's the perfect time for a mud bath. The video, posted to Ivy's namesake account @ivytheberner, has hit over 210,000 likes and 1.6 million views. 

(As we've established before, Ivy loves nothing more than the great outdoors, no matter how messy they get.) 

The video starts with an innocent clip of Ivy walking across a rain-soaked retaining wall alongside an on-screen caption by her dad: "throwback to that time I had no idea how I was going to get my dog home." The caption and dreary weather foreshadow the events that are bound to happen next. 

The looming event commences in the second clip, which shows Ivy laying facedown in a giant mud puddle. While her dad is exasperated behind the camera, the Berner seems to be having the time of her life—popping her head up with a big grin and completely mud-drenched muzzle. She then decides it would be fun to get up and splash around, spinning in circles as she covers her entire lower body with mud. The clip features another dad-written caption that says: "Me contemplating my life choices" as Ivy continues giving herself a full-fledged mud bath.        

After her spin cycle is complete, Ivy decides that her face just isn't quite dirty enough, proceeding to dunk it in the mud a couple more times for good measure before shaking off (which doesn't do much by this point). 

Once Ivy deems her bath sufficient, she runs out of the puddle towards her dad—completely soaked in mud. As if it couldn't get any worse, Ivy's dad makes a devastating on-screen proclamation: "I only brought one towel." (Clearly it's not ample for the very large, very muddy pup.) 

Ivy's dad tells her to look at him, and that's when we get the full picture of Ivy's muddy aftermath. Her whole undercarriage is covered, but her paws and face are especially dirty—with the once white fur now brown. 

The final caption on the video perfectly sums up how all dog parents feel when their pup decides to bathe in mud: no words necessary, just a facepalm emoji.