You might jump for joy. Tobey soars for joy.
excited dog jumps high with excitement when his pet parents return home
Credit: Courtesy of tobey.shenobi / TikTok

Plenty of us jump for joy, but those are mere bunny hops compared to these leaps from golden Aussie (a golden retreiver and Australian shepherd mix) Tobey.

In a TikTok posted on Oct. 3 and watched more than 2.4 million times, this golden dog experiences the joy of reuniting with his parents. As he wanders around unsuspectingly in the yard, his mom calls out to him from a balcony above, and epic jumping ensues.

Tobey's tail wags a mile a minute as he jumps straight up to try to get to his mom after a week apart, eventually dashing toward the stairs to get to her. In the background, someone can be heard voicing Tobey's excitement for him, exclaiming, "Hi!" in an almost muppet-like voice as Tobey leaps around.

Commenters melted over Tobey's obvious love for his owners—"He tried to jump up to you. 🥺🥰 Oh my god," one said—while others marveled at the unwavering confidence Tobey showed as he initially attempted to jump straight onto the balcony no one can reach.

"Why did I think he would actually jump up to you 😅😂," commented Go Fetch.

We know many people were hoping to see the moment Tobey finally reached his owners, but they said it's a little hard to film "a full body tackle" in a reply on their TikTok. Too bad—we'll just have to hope they film one of their epic reunions in the future!