Watch This Aussiedoodle Hilariously Decide Between Dropping His Ball or Eating His Gotcha Day Treat

Who knew a gotcha day celebration could be so confusing?

dog with ball in his mouth; dog struggles with treat tiktok
Photo: @hellosarahjones / TikTok

PSA to dogs everywhere—you have to drop the ball before you can eat your treat.

In a viral TikTok with over 52,000 likes, Aussiedoodle Hank is celebrating his gotcha day. The video starts with Hank's uncle grabbing his special gotcha day treat his honeymooning parents left behind. What most would expect to be a simple, cute video of the pup enjoying his special treat took a turn in the most confusing and hilarious way.

Once the treat is in position and Hank has permission to eat it, he wastes no time. However, there's one minor problem: Hank hasn't dropped the tennis ball in his mouth.

Pacing back and forth from the treat to his bed, it seems Hank cannot figure out what the problem is. Or he's facing one of the greatest dilemmas—to treat or to ball.

After around 40 seconds of frantic pacing, Hank finally decides to try and eat his treat. But, there's still only one problem—he is still holding his ball like his life depends on it. Cracking up in the background, you hear Hank's uncle repeatedly telling the perplexed dog the answer to all his problems. "You have to drop the ball bro," his uncle preaches to no avail. By this point, it seems Hank might have to accept defeat.

But alas, after what seems like an eternity of hectic pacing, Hank finally solves the great gotcha day treat mystery when he realizes he just needs to drop the ball. Worn out from his hard work, he takes his newfound treasure to his bed to enjoy. We're proud of you, Hank.

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