Watch This Artist Turn Her Dog's Paw Print into a Gorgeous Mountain Landscape

Dogs can help us with so many things—including making beautiful art.

woman brushing paint on her dog's paw
Photo: Courtesy of artbykeikocarter / TikTok

And I thought my pup was talented! Wait until you meet this creative golden retriever and artist owner Keiko Carter. The dazzling duo recently reached TikTok stardom for creating a unique work of art. You'll be impressed with the imagination that starts with something so simplistic: a puppy dog paw print.

Posted to TikTok on Jan. 13, Carter paints her dog's paw with a paint brush, fully loaded with black paint. While she coats the paint on to her canine's paw, Carter asks, "Is this where you thought you'd end up in life?" She quickly answers her own question, "Yeah, me either." All the while, the sweet pup watches on, fully trusting the head artist and her creative process.

The next step in Carter's design: taking her dog's paw and pressing it firmly down on a white canvas. "Oh perfect," she says before removing the paper from the ground. The sweet pup's job is done, now on to Carter's part. (Going to try this at home? Remember to use dog-safe paint and thoroughly wash it off afterwards.)

The rest of the video shows Carter adding her own artistic flair to the paw print with delicate pencil strokes, which she then goes back and fills in with a small paint brush. Carter adds "some mountains" and "little details," pulling on inspiration from the great outdoors.

Carter grew up moving all over the world, so travel is important to her. She finds inspiration in nature and animals, "Exploring fuels my art, and my art fuels my adventure," she says on her website.

The video ends with a true masterpiece—plus her senior pooch relaxing after a long day's work. Carter says, "Thank you for your service" and rewards her pup with a tasty treat.

The inspiring video has attracted 5.8 million views and thousands of comments. A common sentiment: "I want this tattooed!"

Carter quickly responds to the amounting requests in a video posted a few days later. If you want to get a personal tattoo of her work, please purchase a tattoo pass from her personal website, she says. And we agree—credit artists for their hard work! And Carter needs to feed her helpful dog, and that's pretty dang important, too.

We're so happy to witness this beautiful bond between human and dog with a side of awe-inspiring creativity. If you are anything like me, you're probably interested in meeting other artistic pups—like this amazingly talented Australian shepherd named Secret who paints a masterpiece all by herself. Now we just need to figure out how we can get all these artistic minds in a room together.

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