The players on the field didn't get half the media attention as this floppy-eared cutie.
Alex, the giant bunny at a Giants game
Credit: Courtesy of alex.thegreat100 / Instagram

A bunny in attendance at a MLB game on Thursday night stole the show. The rabbit, named  Alex the Great, was there with his owners Kei Kato and Josh Row to watch the San Francisco Giants play against the Miami Marlins.

Alex the Great caught a lot of adoring eyes at his first Giants game, including those of official scorer David Feldman, who announced during the seventh inning that the night's attendance was "4,580, not including the rabbit."

Alex also caught the attention of other spectators, and even made an appearance on TV coverage of the game with an adorable interview with AP News' Janie McCauley! Some Giants fans speculated that Alex the Great might actually be the team's new good luck charm—the Giants ended up beating the Marlins 3-0 with Alex in attendance.

But this isn't just any rabbit who found his way into the ballpark. In fact, Kato shares on Instagram that they'd adopted four-month-old Alex the Great as an emotional support animal after losing her restaurant during the pandemic. Together, they've been hitting up local hot spots and regional must-sees for the past few months and documenting it on Alex's very own Instagram account.

Before the Giants game, Alex had already accompanied his pet parents on a number of other adventures, including a NASCAR event in Las Vegas, kayaking in Redding, CA, and snow tubing in Lake Tahoe.

We have to be honest, we're a little jealous of Alex the Great's travels! We can't wait to see where this adorable bunny will pop up next.