He loves people. Perhaps slightly less than he loves squirrels.

As someone who has a dog who gets a little too worked up when new people come over, I can appreciate this solution. Meet Rocky. He's a golden retriever who can get a bit overexcited when his people have their friends over. But rather than putting him outside or confining him to a kennel or back bedroom, Rocky's people have turned to the same solution tired parents have relied on for decades: screen time.

dog that loves his squirrel videos laying on hardwood floor
Credit: Felipe Cruz / Getty

But rather than loading up episodes of Doc McStuffins or putting "Baby Shark" on a loop, Rocky's people give him the good stuff: squirrel videos.

Posted by TikTok user Jess Hindman—and later shared by the inimitable We Rate Dogs—this video shows Rocky whiling away the time with a cell phone. You can hear the voices from what is undoubtedly a lively gathering burbling all around him, but Rocky does not care. Rocky is focused. It is Squirrel Time.

"He's like, truly watching," says a voice from behind the camera as the person filming swings around to a point behind Rocky's head, revealing a squirrel doing some kind of squirrel thing while Rocky—ever intent—sits, nose situated one literal inch from the screen.

The two videos have earned about 2.5 million views combined—not to mention Rocky's epic 14/10 rating from We Rate Dogs. And if anyone's worried about whether the phone screen is too small, fret not. Rocky enjoys squirrels on the big screen, too.    

It's an elegant solution for fixing a case of the zoomies—especially because not all dogs like watching screens—and one has to applaud Rocky's level of focus. You study those squirrels, buddy. Learn their ways. Good boi.