It's a bird ... It's a plane ... It's a dock-diving doggo named Slingshot!

Michigan: home to the beautiful Great Lakes, the automotive industry, and a 6-year-old aerodynamic whippet named Slingshot—one of the world's best at dock-diving, the sport in which water-loving canines spring down a platform and jump to be judged on distance or height.

Don't believe it? Check out this jaw-dropping TikTok video of the doggy dynamo jumping over 35 feet into a pool of water at the 2021 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge. How? His owner and trainer, Rachael Brinkman of Fenton, Mich., starts by revving him up.

whippet competing in a slingshot dock diving event
Credit: Courtesy of einsteindogtraining / TikTok

As Brinkman holds her high-flying hound with one hand, her other hand is intensely drum-rolling the ground and mimicking a high-pitched whine of an engine changing gears. Slingshot taps his feet and after some encouraging shouting, he's off and launches himself into the air, flying a whooping 35 feet, 6 inches! (Not far off the Guinness World Record.)

The video posted by Brinkman on Oct. 5 has been watched more than 2.5 million times. One commenter jokes "that he needs a bigger pool, lol." Based on the distance this doggo can jump, we can't paw-sibly disagree!

"Pretty much anytime that he goes up and jumps is an attempt at breaking his own record," Brinkman told to Fox 2 Detroit in 2019. That's pretty much all he did the year before, when Slingshot set 12 dock-diving world records. (According to Brinkman, that number is now up to 19.) It's impressive enough that he can clear 30 feet.

"To be able to hit the 30-foot mark—there's only a handful of dogs that have even been able to even achieve that." Brinkman told the TV station. "So to be able to jump 32, 34-35, is incredible."

He's also an all-around athlete, competing in flyball and straight and oval races, according to the American Kennel Club. Heck, earlier this month he competed in longest jump, highest jump, and quickest swim contests.

Surrounded by good training (Brinkman owns Einstein Dog Training) and natural whippet athleticism, the sky is the limit—really, it is the only thing above him—for this aptly named sleek and mid-size dog. We can't wait to see what's next for Slingshot.

And if you have a pooch who has an affinity for water and toys, then check out these dock diving basics. It's great exercise plus a way to spend quality time with your pet!