We answer the most pressing question of our time: What would my show dog name be?
man showing his dog for judging at a dog show
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The registered names of dogs who compete in canine sports or conformation shows seem nonsensical. In reality, the names are unique and meaningful, leaving plenty of room for us to make it silly. 

Behold our dog show name generator, a semi-wild yet hopefully realistic way to decide what we'd each go by as show dogs—based entirely on our birth month, initials, and pop culture preferences.

Show dog names are the ones with prefixes and suffixes surrounding entire phrases that can seem like nonsense to the uninitiated (GCH Foxcliffe Claire Randall Fraser, anyone?). They mark the dog's accomplishments and credit the breeder—all while alluding to part of the owner's personality. (The dogs answer to a much shorter, normal name in everyday life. Like Claire. Or Trumpet.)   

Anyway, back to us. Ahead of Thanksgiving's National Dog Show, I'm happy to report our generator works perfectly. If you end up with Itchy Canyon, Stinky Turbulence, or Grumpy Mystery, them's the breaks. 

I'll walk us through it:

First, Your Titles

dog show name generator titles
Credit: Daily Paws / Kailey Whitman

Most of the show dogs you see on TV are quite accomplished, earning titles in conformation shows and other canine sports. Those titles and accomplishments—whether in the obedience, agility, or herding—are designated via a prefix or suffix from the American Kennel Club.

For our exercise, we've assigned a random prefix (with a CH after it, indicating we're each "champion" show dogs) to our birth months. I was born in January, so I'm a grand champion silver (fancy!) and my prefixes are GCHS CH.

Next, What's Our Breeder?

dog show name generator breeder name
Credit: Daily Paws / Kailey Whitman

The name of the dog's breeder often comes next in his registered name. For instance, this year's Best in Show winner at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show was Trumpet, registered name GCHB CH Flessner's Toot My Own Horn. The "Flessner's" refers to Trumpet's breeder, Flessner Kennels.

We're gonna pick our breeder name based on how our first and last initials correspond with a collection of strange adjectives, nouns, and geographical terms. My name so far? GCHS CH Smooth Gratitude's. Normal.

Finally, a Personal Touch

dog show name generator special touch with catchphrase
Credit: Daily Paws / Kailey Whitman

We get to have fun after sorting out the titles and breeder. Owners will name their dogs after paint colors, liquor, baseball stadiums, or even Matthew McConaughey. You can even pick a random phrase like "Stubbed My Toe" or "Baked Alaska."

For our generator, we have a selection of TV and film catchphrases to serve as the personal touch for our show dog names. Pick your favorite or come up with your own. I like Finding Nemo, so my full dog show name is ...

GCHS CH Smooth Gratitude's Just Keep Swimming aka Dory, a beautiful and obviously forgetful golden retriever.