Dog show names can be just about anything, from old family fart jokes to Latin phrases.
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Dog show names: They're long and confusing when you don't know their backstories.

I mean, look at the winner of the 2022 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show: GCHB CH Flessner's Toot My Own Horn. The bloodhound's long name includes his titles, the name of his breeder, and then a fun phrase at the end. In everyday life, the dog goes by Trumpet.

Trumpet's full name rules, but we wanted to see what we could find last week at the National Dog Show presented by Purina. (You can find last year's roundup here.) The results didn't disappoint. We had Latin phrases, old fart jokes, and even rock stars.

Here are the full names of nine show dogs we met:

Kiralia N Nanook's Veni Vidi Vici aka Star

Veni Vidi Vici is a Latin phrase that means, "I came, I saw. I conquered," and it applies to 3-year-old Shiba Inu Star, too. 

"She was a covid puppy, so she came, she saw what she was up against, and she conquered it," her owner, Kimberly Qualllio, tells Daily Paws. "She really went through a lot of different things—she was not really fond of people in the beginning and she overcame all of that. So I say she's my little superstar."  

That's right, even show dogs have to persevere through some of the same issues our own dogs face these days. 

Icehouse Inoki Hunani aka Inoki

All of Elissa Iong's dogs have Hawaiian names, and that includes Inoki the 4-year-old Rottweiler.  She was born in November during a snowstorm at Icehouse Kennels in New York. Hunani means snowstorm in Hawaiian, Iong says. 

"I think the name is really personal," she tells Daily Paws. "I didn't want to name my dogs the normal, you know, Spot or something, so I wanted something a little more unique."

GCH CH Ironquest's Freddy the Frog CGC aka Fred   

All good names should be connected to flatulence. Do you know how much better my life would be if I were Toots Cannon? Anyway, Fred the sociable otterhound got his name because the father of his owner would always offer the same joke when he broke wind. It was someone named Freddy, he would say. 

"I letter-name my litters so his was F, and I had to have a Freddy the Frog," Fred's owner, Joellen Gregory, tells Daily Paws. 

Freddy the Frogcaster is also a series of children's books featuring a meteorologist amphibian.    

Impression's Eat My Dust Pink Floyd aka Pink Floyd

This dog's name is impressions eat my dust pink floyd; national dog show names 2022
Credit: Daily Paws

Onto our second butt-related name. Pink Floyd the 6-month-old boxer has a "racing stripe" under his behind, owner and handler Tamara Hopkins says. 

"Under his tail there's a little white stripe. So I always was saying 'eat my dust' because he was always running around," she says.  

Of course, the youngster shares the final part of his name with a little-known English rock band.  

Winter Midnight Mischief aka Ducky

This dog's name is winter midnight mischief national dog show names 2022
Credit: Daily Paws

Ducky the Finnish Lapphund, now 4, was a bit of a wild card in her younger days, so she really earned her dog show name. 

"She caused quite a bit of mischief as a puppy," says Justin Crawford of Binghamton, N.Y., her owner, breeder, and handler. "And every morning, it was always a surprise what she did overnight." 

She's evolved into a much more relaxed dog, but you can't just get rid of such a cool name.

GCH CH Lighthouse Emerald Sea ATT aka Emmy 

Owner Scott Schubert spent "hours and hours" trying to decide Emmy the Finnish Lapphund's full name. They got to building, first with Emmy's breeder (Lighthouse Lapphunds). Emerald came next. Schubert had just been to Ireland, and Emmy's handler is also a jeweler. Then they added Sea.

"Put some thought into it," Schubert says about picking a good dog show name. "Tie it into a loved one or a past pet that you had. Be original. What means something to you in your life?" 

Foxtale's Lightning Bolt aka Bolt

This dog's name is foxtales lightning bolt; national dog show names 2022
Credit: Dialy Paws

This Pembroke Welsh corgi puppy has his family to thank for his name. His father is Lightning Bolt, and his sister is Flash of Lightning. Despite the electric name, he's a pretty calm dog who lets people pet him. And who wouldn't want to?

Black Friar Amazing Grace at Castle Bay RN aka Maisie

This bearded collie's naming was a group effort, according to owners Jan and Tony Vallone. They'd decided to call her Maisie, so her breeder suggested adding "amazing Grace"—more like a-maisie-ing Grace—to her name. 

Castle Bay, meanwhile, is the name of the Vallone's kennel, and they like the "great sound" Maisie's full name provides.   

Pure Pride's and Impression's Can't Stop Heinz aka Ketchup

This dog's name is pure prides and impressions can't stop heinz; national dog show names 2022
Credit: Daily Paws

Our pal Ketchup, 2, bears a bit of resemblance to a ketchup bottle when you look at him from the front, his owner Tamara Hopkins says. She and her boxer live outside Pittsburgh, where condiment giant Heinz is headquartered. 

Heck, the football stadium used to feature some truly giant ketchup bottles, so Ketchup is in great company.  

This story features reporting from Daily Paws' Allie Giordano and Samantha Saunion.