Which finalist is your favorite? The frog? The alpaca? What about the goat?
Cow with flower crown holds Easter basket in mouth with Cadbury egs in basket
Credit: Courtesy of Cadbury

The folks at Cadbury have been on the hunt for a new pet to star as the bunny in their 2021 spring ad campaign. The company announced the contest earlier this year, prompting proud pet parents to submit a photo and short description explaining why their four-legged friend should be this year's winner.

After a pre-selection process, the 10 finalists from the pool of more than 12,000 have finally been announced—and they're all absolutely adorable. Cadbury is asking America to pick this year's "bunny," who will appear in the trademark commercial this spring, by casting your vote on Cadbury's Bunny Tryouts website. (FYI: You can vote once a day.) Each pet is listed with a picture of them donning a pair of bunny ears, alongside a short bio, and a link to vote. 

The winner of the competition gets a $5,000 cash prize—plus Cadbury is making a $15,000 donation to ASPCA in honor of the event. Take a look at this year's impressive finalist lineup:


Cat dressed up in sunglasses
Credit: Courtesy of Cadbury

Pepa is a Persian cat with an adorable penchant for sunglasses—in fact, this cool cat wears them everywhere he goes to shield himself from the hot Florida sun. We already love him.


Frog poses with plastic Easter eggs for Cadbury ad
Credit: Courtesy of Cadbury

This Australian White's tree frog named Betty—also a Floridian—is a serious contender, thanks to her photogenic smile. The bunny-ear top hat is a nice touch, too.


Grey bunny wears fake bunny ears for Cadbury ad
Credit: Courtesy of Cadbury

Even the bunnies wear bunny ears for Cadbury tryouts! This fluffy finalist's bio describes the Maryland rabbit as a "sweet mush of a mammal."


White dog wearing bunny ears plays with toy in Cadbury ad
Credit: Courtesy of Cadbury

Sweet Archie looks adorable in his bunny ears. His bio says he was in an accident that required surgery at only 4 months old, but the Pennsylvania pup is back to his playful self.


Pony wears bunny ears for Cadbury ad
Credit: Courtesy of Cadbury

This precious mini horse from Michigan loves being around people and dressing up for the holidays. Bunny ears? Not a problem for Blondi!


large spotted dog wears bunny ears next to large Easter eggs for Cadbury ad
Credit: Courtesy of Cadbury

Logan the Great Dane from Indiana is a gentle giant who loved visiting local nursing homes every week pre-COVID. This friendly finalist can't wait to get back out there.


Cow with flower crown holds Easter basket in mouth with Cadbury egs in basket

This miniature donkey was born to be a star, and it's not his first rodeo. Sheldon's bio says he's been in many live nativity scenes, Christmas plays, and more while living in Pennsylvania.


goat wearing bunny ears
Credit: Courtesy of Cadbury

Dog—not a dog! He's actually a Nigerian dwarf goat in Texas with a playful, pup-like personality. Dog's bio describes him as hilarious, sweet, and motivated by food (aren't we all?).


llama with bunny ears
Credit: Courtesy of Cadbury

This awesome alpaca is used to the spotlight and loves volunteering for causes like the Tim Tebow Foundation and American Cancer Society and lives in Texas.


Yellow retriever wears bunny ears and bow in Cadbury egg ad
Credit: Courtesy of Cadbury

Last but not least is California's Fletcher, a handsome golden retriever with awards in agility and dock diving. He loves to pose for the camera, which is perfect for this gig.

Cast your vote now on Cadbury's website. The winner will be announced March 23.