The Super Bowl MVP is having a girl.


We often turn to our pets for good news, and superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his fiance, fitness trainer Brittney Matthews, are no different. 

The couple tasked their dogs—Silver and Steel—with the gender reveal of their upcoming baby. WIth Mahomes and Matthews’ backs turned, the pups trotted down a white-cloth runway, leaving pink paw prints in their wake. It’s a girl. 

Silver and Steel looked a bit unsure about what they were doing, but they were rewarded with happy cries from their parents and many, many pets. 

Mahomes gifted Matthews with Steel when they were in college. Earlier this year, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback called Steel his spirit animal

“Me and my dog Steel are exactly the same person, except he’s a dog. His mannerisms, like the stuff he does, is literally exactly the same as me,” he said back in May. 

Silver joined the family last year as a puppy. (You can follow the dogs on Instagram, @steel_silver_mahomes.)

Together, the quartet put on an A+ gender reveal: including one of the best things on Earth (dogs) and avoiding the ignition of a massive wildfire