The racecar driver is raising awareness to help the pups find the loving homes they deserve.
new NASCAR car design using dogs
Credit: Courtesy of Mars Petcare

Two time NASCAR Cup Series Champion Kyle Busch is teaming up with dog food brand Pedigree to help some good bois find their forever homes, by way of a unique paint scheme for his number 18 Toyota.

This won't be the first time that dogs have graced the chassis of a NASCAR racer: Cryptocurrency darling Dogecoin paid for a one-off makeover for Josh Wise's number 98 Ford during a 2014 race at Talladega Superspeedway. But, unlike Wise's ride, the doggos on Busch's car won't be simple mascots.

As part of a collaboration with the Pedigree Foundation and Mars Petcare's "Better Cities For Pets" program, Busch will race the NASCAR Cup Series event in Nashville, Tenn on June 20 with a paint scheme featuing the photos of seven real, completely adoptable dogs.

Shelters do their best for every pet that comes through their doors, but sometimes the wait for that perfect human companion can take a very, very long time. It's a timeframe that Busch, his sponsor Pedigree and Mars Petcare are hoping to cut into by working together.

"I'm a huge dog lover, so having PEDIGREE Foundation choose to feature shelter pets that are in need of homes on our No.18 Camry this weekend is really cool," Busch said in a press release. "With the BETTER CITIES FOR PETS Program and PEDIGREE Foundation covering adoption fees in Charlotte and Nashville this weekend, our hope is that these pets are welcomed into the loving homes they deserve."

NASCAR has been one of the most popular spectator sports in the United States for years, and with Busch's visibility and popularity as a two-time NASCAR Champion, the hope is that these gorgeous pupper mugs will find their way into the televisions of a lot of potential dog lovers. That, combined with Pedigree and Mars Petcare paying for all of the adoption fees for these special pups, means that the hope is for all of these shelter dogs to be in their forever homes by the time NASCAR is back on the track on June 26.