The only thing cuter than Milkshake's unique look is his lovable personality.

Milkshake is an adorably wrinkly 3-year-old pink pug with a booming modeling career and an impressive social media following, thanks to his unusual coloring and charming personality.

"His coloring matches his sweet personality as well," says dog mom (and self-proclaimed momager) Maria De Dozsa.

De Dozsa met Milkshake when he was only 6 weeks old, and says he was noticeably different from his littermates. Milkshake was the only puppy of the litter to be born with light fur, piercing blue eyes, and a bright pink nose. Despite his differences, De Dozsa tells Daily Paws that it was love at first sight.

"I picked him up, he licked my nose, and from that moment on I knew we were destined for each other."

Milkshake's coloring is due to Leucism, a relatively rare genetic mutation that causes animals to be born with reduced pigmentation. While other pugs can have similar coloring due to albinism (which can cause other health issues), Leucism only results in lack of pigmentation—meaning an otherwise perfectly healthy pup.

"When I first got Milkshake, there were less than a hundred pink pugs in the world," De Dozsa says.

You can imagine that having an adorable new puppy—and a pink one nonetheless—meant that Milkshake wound up being a very popular little pooch early on. De Dozsa (obviously) shared photos and videos of Milkshake when he was just a wee one, to the delight of her followers and friends. The little guy is a natural, with De Dozsa describing him as a "brilliant pet model and influencer" thanks to his natural love of the spotlight. "He just loves attention ... As much as he loves going to the park and playing ball, he loves posing for photos and modeling."

Milkshake's mom says he's now used to being recognized in public places like the park or on the train, and he loves when his fans stop to give him cuddles. He even has his own social life, filled up with exciting events like London Dog Week, doggie brunches, and fundraising work for charities that support causes near and dear to his family's heart, like mental health awareness and breast cancer research. In his off-time, Milkshake loves to travel, hang out, and be spoiled by his doting mom.

While Milkshake has entertained and inspired followers around the world with his fun outfits and precious poses, to De Dozsa, he's so much more. "I would say that Milkshake and I are better together because I used to have anxiety and panic attacks," says De Dozsa. "I think together we're just kind of very happy, very calm, and I think we're just a great fit."

From the shared looks these two besties showed off during a recent photoshoot, we'd have to agree!