President Michael D. Higgins did an admirable job giving a TV interview as his Bernese mountain dog puppy tried very, very hard to get his attention.

The president of Ireland is just like us—trying very hard to get some work done while an adorable dog reminds him where the real center of attention lies. 

President Michael D. Higgins, Ireland's ninth president, was trying his darndest Sunday to offer condolences after the death of Irish actor Tom Hickey, Irish Central reports. His Bernese mountain dog puppy, Misneach (which means courage), sat by his side, where he was being adorably intrusive. 

"Dad...Dad! Dad? Dad...Dad!...Dad!" the roughy 7-month-old puppy was saying (probably). 

Our guy Misneach seems like one quite endearing goober: 

As you can see, Higgins does a truly remarkable job continuing with his remarks as Misneach lightly chomped on his hand and pawed at his jacket. The president even held his puppy's paw for a few quick moments. Potentially smelling treats, Misneach even probed his snout inside of his dad's jacket at one point. 

It's all extremely cute! Plus, if the president of a whole country can continue giving a broadcast-news interview with his dog interrupting him, then we can make it through a work-from-home videoconference with our own playful puppies. 

Misneach only just joined the Bernese-loving Higgins family in March. He's the younger sibling to fellow Bernese Bród, who is no stranger to the limelight himself, stealing the show when dignitaries like Harry and Meghan or William and Kate come to visit. Síoda, the president's late Bernese mountain dog, died last fall. Higgins is obviously in good hands with Misneach—who hopefully will earn an interview all by himself next. Maybe Oprah is available?