The former NASCAR and IndyCar driver intervened when she saw the wild canines going after one of her dogs. Now she's got the scars to prove it.

Danica Patrick saw her dog in trouble and jumped into action, even when the encounter meant fending off a wild, frightening predator.

The former NASCAR and IndyCar driver sprang into action after she saw coyotes going after one of her dogs earlier this week, according to the New York Post. She evidently got between the coyotes and her dog, earning scratches all over her face, neck, arm, and legs, as you can see in the photos she posted to Instagram. Ouch! 

"Mom coming in hot to save my baby from the coyotes," she wrote in one post, which has since expired. 

"You should see my face! I'm looking for you coyotes. In the meantime the tree branches found my face," she said.

Danica Patrick with her dogs
Credit: Jonathan Ferrey / Getty

It's unknown which dog she stepped in to save. She has two: Ella, a Belgian Malinois, and Dallas, a husky, according to the Post. There was no word on whether the dog in question was injured during the episode. Either way, it's a good reminder to be conscious of the wildlife in your area as you let your pets out into the yard.  

We'd all do just about anything to help out pets, but, holy cow, kudos to Patrick for truly risking her own life and limb to make sure her pooch came out of the encounter OK.