Animal Advocacy

As pet lovers, it is our responsibility to speak up for the animals that can't speak for themselves. Whether it's a mass pet rescue or changing animal rights legislation, we'll cover it right here.

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What Happens to Dogs Rescued From Dogfighting Operations?
Authorities last month rescued 305 dogs from an alleged dogfighting operation in South Carolina. Despite their upbringings, most of them should go on to live normal lives. 
Why Tabby's Place Cat Sanctuary Cares for the Most Vulnerable Kitties Who Have Nowhere Else To Turn
This central New Jersey rescue cares for the neediest of cats, regardless of age, most medical issues, or temperament.

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How a Little Pup Who Was Hit By a Car Is Inspiring Animal Rescuers in Puerto Rico After Hurricane Fiona
Tony, his legs filled with plates and screws, is a daily dose of joy as The Sato Project works to save animals after Hurricane Fiona devastated Puerto Rico.
$1,000 for a Barking Dog? That Could Be the Case for Vocal Atlanta Pups
Thankfully, there are ways to diagnose and prevent your dog's barking—perhaps saving you a little cash.