Animal Advocacy

As pet lovers, it is our responsibility to speak up for the animals that can't speak for themselves. Whether it's a mass pet rescue or changing animal rights legislation, we'll cover it right here.

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Have You Heard About the Betty White Challenge? Here's How You Can Celebrate the Celeb's Devotion to Animals
How can we ensure the marvelous Betty White lives forever? By carrying on her remarkable legacy of promoting animal welfare.
We Love This: Seniors Receive Extra Support Adopting Rescue Animals
This nonprofit is making it easier for older adults and rescue pets to share love and companionship.
Meet the Rapper and Cat Lover Who's Winning Awards for Advocacy and Still Keeping His 'Cool Points'
This ASPCA award winner and dedicated cat rescuer has a plan to bring everyone together for the benefit of animals and humans. "You don't lose cool points for compassion," he says.
"You're Never Too Small to Make Big Changes": 11-Year-Old Shelter Volunteer Inspires Others With Love for Animals
Evan Bisnauth is a kindhearted preteen who's already a hero, spending his free time helping shelter dogs find their forever homes.

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Help Rescue Dogs When You Buy From This Dog-Centric Coffee Company in December
Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. is donating 100% of the proceeds of its Rescue Roast to The Sato Project.
Paintings of Shelter Dogs Make Them Positively Irresistible So They Find Forever Homes
Artists with the nonprofit Cheddar Paws Dog Art capture the radiant goodness of long-term shelter pets to help them find the love they deserve.
'Here Through No Fault of Their Own': Hero Vet Nurse Jill Elston on Healing Rescue Animals

Her colleagues call her place “Mama Jill’s Home for Lost Souls” because she won’t turn any animals away, no matter what they’ve been through.