This smiley pup is proof that you can overcome just about anything.
woman kissing her dog on the beach
Credit: Courtesy of Debbie Pearl

Last year, a special needs dog named Zeeky was rescued after being abused and abandoned. Now after months of recovery, the smiley pup is now as happy as can be and inspiring others through his Instagram he shares with his other disabled pet siblings.

Editor's note: The following paragraph briefly describes animal abuse. If this may be upsetting to you, please skip to the following paragraph.

When rescuers found Zeeky in a remote area on the Caribbean island of Curacao, he was extremely underweight and missing parts of his hind legs. After taking him to the vet, they discovered the abandoned pup was only 8 months old and had been intentionally mutilated. In addition to his injuries, the pooch was also suffering from advanced tick disease and scabies.

When Debbie Pearl, the founder of Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue, a non-profit animal rescue organization, first learned about Zeeky and his tragic story, she says there was no turning back. As a pet parent to multiple handicapped rescue dogs, she knew she had the skills and resources needed to help the young pup recover.

Once Zeeky began his recovery at his foster home in Curacao, Pearl says his personality switched almost immediately. The pup, who at first was scared of human touch after being rescued, began to show show affection and excitement after just a few days in the love and care of his foster home.

"He's very grateful," Pearl tells Daily Paws. "I think everything is amazing to him because he had nothing."

Ten weeks after she first heard about Zeeky, he was ready for the next stage of his recovery. Pearl flew to Curacao to meet Zeeky's rescuers before bringing him home with her to California. When they first met, she says the once scared pup ran right to her without any fear.

zeeky disabled dog wearing prostethics and jeans
Credit: Courtesy of Debbie Pearl

Now home with Pearl in California, Zeeky was fitted for prosthetics and is learning to walk with them. And while he's still waiting for his second prosthetic to be adjusted, Pearl says it doesn't stop him from running around at lightning speeds with his dog siblings.

Despite the trauma he faced early in his life, Pearl says Zeeky is one of the happiest pups you'll ever meet. From his infectious smile to his protective (yet super stylish) jeans, he sure knows how to put a smile on anyone's face.

"He's just so loving. No matter who he meets, he wags his tail. He just wants to get cuddles from everybody, which is super endearing," Pearl says. "He inspires me every day to be a better person."