Ginger was stolen from her owner's yard back in 2017. They reunited after he saw a Facebook post from the police department that found her.
Wisconsin dog reunited with family after five years
Credit: Janine Kaufman / Getty

A Wisconsin doggo and her human reunited—five years later and 13 miles away from where they were separated—thanks to social media, some helpful volunteers, and a family who refused to give up the hunt.

Though the happy ending came May 11, the story really starts back in 2017. That's when Ginger, an adorable tan-and-white pup (possibly a pit bull) was stolen from the home of her human, Barney Lattimore.

The Janesville resident kept a vigilant search for his missing pup but to no avail. The days stretched into months and then years. Lattimore's family grew over that time, welcoming other dogs and even a new baby into the home, according to the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin. But no matter what, his belief Ginger was out there never faded. Every time Lattimore and his family saw a dog that looked even a little like their missing pup, Lattimore would inspect them closely, hoping it was his missing girl.

Then, on May 1, the Beloit Police Department posted a photo of a tan-and-white pup officers found wandering the streets 13 miles away from Lattimore's home.

Lattimore saw the post and his hope was renewed when he saw the immediate resemblance to his missing pup. He contacted Beloit police and learned Ginger had been transported to the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin where volunteers cared for her and waited to see if she had a family somewhere.

Lattimore and his family drove to the shelter to see if the dog was, indeed, their long-lost Ginger, and the confirmation was immediate.

"As soon as they saw each other, there was no doubt," the humane society's Facebook post reads. "The excitement on the family's faces, as well as Ginger's, when they were finally reunited was beyond memorable."

Now, Ginger is back where she belongs and the Lattimore family is looking forward to making up for lost time with their sweet-faced doggo.