Wiggles the Dog Is Finally Heading Home After 11 Years in Shelter

After more than a decade of being passed over, Wiggles was finally adopted by her new family near St. Louis.

Wiggles laying on his pillow
Photo: Courtesy of 5A's Animal Shelter

A sweet dog who had spent 11 of her 14 years in a shelter has finally—finally—been adopted. WOO. Pop that champagne!

For more than a decade, Wiggles was repeatedly passed over for adoption because of her allergies and a benign tumor. But a local news station's feature helped persuade her new owners in Lake St. Louis, Mo., to give her a home.

"I had very mixed emotions. I cried, but I was happy she finally got out," says Karla Crane, an employee at Wiggles's shelter for the past 13 years. "We were all very, very happy."

Wiggles, a pit bull-mix, arrived at 5A's Animal Shelter near St. Louis all the way back in 2010 when she was 3. Her former owners had surrendered the pup because of her allergies that they couldn't care for, according to KSDK.

"She was sweet, and they hated to do that, but they just couldn't afford to give her medicine and take care of her," Crane told the news station.

Six years later, Wiggles developed the tumor in her left groin area. A veterinarian determined that the growth is benign but it still grew and grew. The shelter at one point tried to raise money to remove the tumor, but the vet opted against a procedure because of her old age.

Wiggles's health continued to remain an obstacle for her adoption. This sweet girl still occasionally deals with sores (which can become infected), probably because of her allergies.

It's been a struggle for the pooch, who has had a few interested adopters that shied away because of her health issues. Crane says the potential adopters would all back off once they heard about the tumor. Wiggles is likely the record holder for the shelter's longest resident.

Thankfully, her new owners were happy to look past her health issues and appreciate the sweet, special dog who loves everybody. Wiggles is such a delight to be around, she even walks up to shelter employees for access to favorite spot to snuggle up in—the shelter employees' laps. She's active and happy to run around and play, too, seemingly unaffected by her tumor.

"Over the years, everybody here has fallen in love with her and she loves everyone here," Crane says.

She added that Wiggles's new family has already had her checked out by her new veterinarian. Wiggles has so far enjoyed walks around her new neighborhood and likes to sit near the window in her new house.

"They're just doing everything for this dog," Crane says. "They love her."

Correction: An earlier version of this story misspelled Crane's name. It's been corrected.

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