All’s … well that ends well.

A stranded doggo in the Italian town of Guidonia is giving rescue workers a hearty abbaiare of thanks after being pulled up from the bottom of a well Sunday. The pup in question—who appears to be some kind of Springer spaniel or similar mix—had been trapped at the bottom of the 20-foot well for an unknown amount of time and was very excited to see their rescuers.

dog rescued from well
Credit: Courtesy of Zenger / YouTube

In the video, shot by Vigili del Fuoco, shows the tan-and-white dog wagging their tail and excitedly rubbing against the rescue worker who was lowered to the bottom of the well via winch. After a bit of corralling, the rescuer fits the excited pup in a body harness, attached them to the guideline, and hoists the dog back to the surface. 

As the harness gets closer to the surface, the doggo gets visibly more excited, paddling their legs in an attempt to climb the last few feet as rescuers call out "bella!"

Rescuers looked over the pupper after the very lucky little dog returned to the surface. Even though the Vigili del Fuoco doesn't know how long the dog was in the well, they seemed to be in perfect health with lots of happy energy and no trouble bounding around. 

After earning a clean bill of health, the newly rescued pup returned to their family, bringing the whole situation to a happy conclusion worthy of Lassie.