After going missing when her owner’s car was stolen, this precious pup finally reunited with her owner in a heartstring-tugging video.
brown pit bull Close-Up Portrait
Credit: Jonathan Oswaldo Enriquez Huerta / EyeEm / Getty

A Labrador retriever and pit bull mix named Jolene has finally reunited with her devoted dog dad after a harrowing four days missing—and their heartwarming reunion video has us looking for tissues and blaming springtime allergies.

Jolene's owner, Aaron Morris, was a victim of car theft on May 21 when the car he was driving was stolen from outside a North Carolina gas station. Morris, who was in the process of moving, had most of his belongings in the car, including his beloved Jolene.

According to an interview with Newsweek, Morris left the car on with the air conditioning running to keep Jolene comfortable while he made a quick run inside the store. Before Morris was able to make it back out, the car was gone, and so was Jolene. The convenience store surveillance camera was able to capture a person of interest on camera, but there were no other leads.

Morris immediately took to social media to raise awareness about his missing pup, including a post describing the car and asking for Jolene's safe return. Morris even offered a $1,500 reward for her return, no questions asked.

Finally, on May 25, a Tennessee animal shelter shared a Facebook post asking for information about a possible owner for Jolene. Although her collar tag had Morris' number, his phone had been stolen along with the car, so he was unreachable.

Eventually, Morris caught word that Jolene had been found safely and arrangements were made for him to pick up his precious pooch. Their reunion at the animal shelter was full of kisses, hugs, and plenty of tail wagging—Jolene was so happy she jumped right into her owner's arms.

Morris shared an emotional video of the moment on Facebook with the adorable caption: "I got my baby girl back!!!"

"So many people were worried about you," Morris can be heard saying in the video. "Are you OK? Are you OK?"

Morris' car was found submerged in a river in Cocke County, Tenn., and no perpetrators have been arrested yet. Luckily, Morris's most precious possession of all made her way home, and we're so happy Jolene was able to make it out of this scary situation unharmed.