He pushed aside an air conditioner and got stuck!
fireman rescuing dog from a residential roof
Credit: Courtesy of Bogota Police Department

Sometimes our quests for the things we want can lead us straight to trouble. A husky in Bergen County, N.J., became acutely aware of this last month while chasing every dog's favorite prize: outside.

The doggo wanted to get out into the fresh air and see the world. Maybe chase a few squirrels if the mood felt right. With the front door of his house steadfastly closed, the resourceful husky decided to check the windows. Unfortunately, the one he found most accessible was on the second floor, where the pup was able to push an air conditioning unit aside and make his way out onto the roof over the front porch.

Bogota, N.J., police were called for assistance and they tapped the Bogota Fire Department because that's where all the ladders are.

When Bogota FD arrived on the scene, the happy husky was pleased as punch to see them, wagging his tail and gleefully accepting the pets offered up by the firefighter at the end of the ladder. A couple of neck scratches later and, as happily reported by the Bogota Police Department's Facebook post, both firefighter and doggo made it back to the ground safely.

The rescue was as well-received as you'd expect a video of a happy dog to be on Facebook, with the Bogota Engine Company #1 volunteers even chiming in on the comments and giving a shout out to the great work done by their fellow firefighters at Bogota Hook & Ladder Co. 1.