She thanked her rescuers with a shower.
firefighters climb ladder from water with rescued pit bull
Credit: Miami Beach Fire Rescue

Firefighters came to the rescue of a Miami Beach woman and her pupper last week after the dog fell into Biscayne Bay while playing.

Miami Beach Fire Rescue posted a video of the Feb. 15 rescue to their Facebook page, showing firefighters climbing down a ladder to rescue the stranded pit bull who was standing against a retaining wall. The woman had been playing with her dog in a park, when the pitty managed to get away from her and fell over the wall and into the water below.

Fire Rescue Truck 22 and Engine 2 arrived at the scene and went to work. A firefighter climbs down a ladder into the thigh-deep water, as you can see in the video. Once there, he manages to grab the waterlogged pooch by her harness and pull her close. Though wet and nervous, the sweet pup allows herself to be hoisted onto the firefighter's shoulder and up the ladder to terra firma.

Once everyone is back on dry land, the responding firefighters can be seen petting the soggy doggy and reassuring her. A little nervous at first, the grateful pup is soon wagging her tail and sniffing everyone around her in a show of thanks, before spraying the gathered crowd in a shower of celebratory baywater.

"RESCUED & REUNITED," the Miami Beach Fire Rescue's Facebook post reads. "We're so happy to have been able to help."