To see him now, you’d never know what Kaze has been through.

Rosalyn and Erik are brand new pet parents, and already can't imagine their lives without their little Llasa Apso mix, Kaze (pronounced: kah-zeh). "Kaze" is Japanese for "the wind," which is the perfect name, since Kaze definitely tries to run like the wind every time Rosalyn and Erik take him out!

Kaze was initially rescued by Wagmor Pets from an unfortunate hoarding situation, where a good Samaritan had taken in stray animals from her neighborhood. When she later lost her home and became unable to care for the animals, the staff at Wagmor Pets took Kaze and his fellow rescues under their wing, which is how Rosalyn and Erik found the little scruffball. The family tells Daily Paws that since they added Kaze to their home, they've been so happy to help this little snuggler settle into a permanent routine.

"He's so lovable! I didn't expect it to be this easy," Rosalyn tells Daily Paws. "He gets on the couch and cuddles with us, and it's just so cute." Most days at home, his new pet parents say that Kaze likes to just chill and nap around the house with his favorite humans.

While the couple has been teaching him some of the training basics, like sit and stay, most of all they say Kaze just loves being with his humans. "He's a little buddy—he's like my little guy," Erik says. No matter what they're doing, whether it's on one of his three walks per day, or cuddled up during a frequent snooze, this little floof is having a blast. What Rosalyn and Erik didn't expect was how much this little bundle of energy would impact the vibe of their home. They can't imagine life without Kaze's joy and snuggles—and neither can we.