This little ball of floof was certainly excited to meet his heroes.

Things puppies can be reliably expected to do: frolic. Be adorable athletes. Be adventurous. One thing puppies can't be counted on for, however, is the ability to keep themselves safe in the face of mischief.

Just ask Buddy, the 5-month old poodle/pug mix from Davenport, Iowa, who needed the help of firefighters to get out from underneath his family's deck last week. In a video posted to the Davenport Fire Department's Facebook page, we see rescuers unscrew the floorboards of the family's deck to help free young Buddy. Apparently, the little pooch had crawled underneath the deck to explore when his leash became tangled, which kept him from crawling back out after he was finished sniffing around.

black puppy that was rescued from deck's floorboard by firefighters
Credit: ea veenstra / EyeEm / Adobe Stock

Fire Marshal Jim Morris told WQAD that the owner called the department after the dog had been "crying for an hour," and she was unable to reach him, which was when firefighters ultimately busted out the Dewalt and went to work on the deck's screws.

It turned out they only needed to remove one board before sweet Buddy was in sight. As firefighters peered into the hole to assess their next move, Buddy followed the light from their flashlights and popped up through the newly created gap, tail wagging happily.

Buddy seems grateful to be released from his under-deck confinement and, though maybe a little spooked, he also seems to be unharmed and happy. Just how we like our puppies!