The user who posted the video to Instagram credited the young boy with "restoring faith in humanity."
cat walking outside
Credit: Suthikait Teerawattanaphan / Shutterstock

You don't have to be a firefighter or animal control officer to be an animal-saving hero—just ask this small boy who fished a stranded cat out of a storm drain. 

Video of the rescue is available on Instagram, where you can watch the boy peer down into the drain for a few seconds before sticking both hands through the grate and lifting the cat out as another young boy stopped to help.

The user who posted the video, Adejair Junior, wrote in the caption that the heartwarming rescue took place outside a pilates studio in the Brazilian city of Rio Verde. He credited the boy with "restoring faith in humanity." (Or at least Google Translate says he did.) 

The video, which was published June 17, has so far earned 520 likes.

Now, while we love to see everyday people rescue pets, it's not safe in every case. This very weekend a cat owner in Oklahoma followed his cat up a tree and got stuck up there, too. Not ideal! The local fire department had to come rescue both of them.

So yeah, we're happy to see that this youngster was able to save this cat in need while not risking his own life and limb. If you ever see an animal in need, be like him!