Atlanta officers eventually had to cut off the dog's collar to free the pup from the inferno.

Body-camera footage from some Atlanta police officers over the weekend showed an intense, dangerous rescue of a dog who was tied to a leash near a raging car fire. 

In the nearly 4-minute video taken early Sunday morning, the officers scale fencing and hurriedly walk behind a house to get to the dog, who was attached to a metal lead that was stretched as far as it could get from the fire, which was blazing, crackling, and popping. 

"Come here, buddy," one office said. "It's OK, it's OK," another adds. 

The dog, who looks to be some kind of pit bull mix, was exceedingly calm as the officers worked and worked to try and free the pup from the tie-out. They tried that for about a minute (which feels like a lifetime watching the flames intensify) before they decided to cut the dog's collar instead.

That worked, and one of the officers scooped up the dog and ran off, yelling, "I got him!" A few moments later—and farther away from the fire—the pup gets free and one of the officers has to coax him back to him. 

"I wasn't gonna let you go down like that," the officer tells the dog, who remarkably is still pretty calm. (At that point, the very good pooch was receiving many pets from the rescuing officer.) 

The pup's calmness didn't go unnoticed by the Atlanta Police Department. 

"We would also like to mention that we are proud of the dog, who maintained his composure and showed bravery throughout this ordeal allowing the officers to free him," the department said, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "We give him a 12/10. He's a good boy."

It's not clear why the dog was tied up outdoors at night, and it's possible they were simply out for a potty break when the unthinkable happened. But just to be on the safe side, we recommend always making sure you know where your dogs are at all times—even better if you can keep them inside with you.