It doesn't get much cuter than this.

When Tiffany bought a small basket to decorate her coffee table, she didn't expect her two kitties Purrtis and Norbert to take it over! Now, everytime the domestic shorthairs squeeze into the basket together, Tiffany shares a photo on their Instagram @2cats.1basket. 

When Tiffany first met Purrtis, she tells Daily Paws that she immediately fell in love. She sent her husband a video asking if they could adopt the sweet kitten, and he agreed on one condition: the cat would be named after a New York Mets player. The couple settled on the name Purrtis after Curtis Granderson, a former outfielder for the team.

Norbert came into Tiffany's life almost fourteen years ago, when she was at her sister's apartment and saw Norbert crying alone outside. She knew she had to rescue the abandoned cat, so she took him home. Like Purrtis, Norbert also has a namesake: a local pizzeria owner named Norberto!

While Tiffany says Norbert and Purrtis are both full of energy, they get along great with Tiffany's kids, who always want to pet the kitties.

"My 9-month-old, she lights up when she sees the cats," Tiffany says.

Tiffany tells Daily Paws that adopting her two cats was the "best move in life," and we totally agree!