The "mixed nut" brothers—Peanut, Cashew, and Walnut—thankfully mewed enough for someone to contact Stray Cat Blues.
woman holding three grey tabby kittens rescued from a garbage can
Credit: Vladimir Serov / Getty

Looking at them now, you wouldn't know these three kittens were left for dead in a Philadelphia trash can earlier this month. 

The three "mixed nut" brothers—Peanut, Cashew, and Walnut—were placed in a trash bag that was then tied closed last week, WPVI reported. Someone then threw the bag into a trash can in north Philadelphia. 

Thankfully, someone who lived nearby heard their tiny mews coming from the can. Stray Cat Blues, a rescue and TNR operation, was then on the case. A cat foster mom named Skye helped free the little buddies from the bag. Now, they're growing at her home before they become eligible for adoption. 

"We want these guys to find the best possible homes, whether that's together or separately. We just want them to have their happy ending," Stray Cat Blues volunteer Amanda Case tells WPVI. 

Skye's care includes feeding them plenty of kitten formula and keeping them nice and warm. As you can see, they're a trio of good-looking fellas: 

They still need time to grow and make sure they're vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped before they can find their forever homes. That'll likely take about two months, the rescue says.